According to the best make-up artists in Hollywood, the eyebrow is the most important feature of the face.

Yes it is!  people look younger when they have a nice eyebrow. An eyebrow tattoo will give you that mini-lift you are looking for.

Each day many women use a brow pencil to try to create a natural-looking eyebrow, or to fill in spaces where hair is missing,  the problems start when you want to go swimming, take a shower or perspire on a hot summer's day.

Some women as teenagers over plucked to create thin brows which were all the fashion!  After a treatment with

Jidapha you can throw those pencils away. Your enhanced brows will be perfectly shaped.

When most men and women look in the mirror the puffiness and creepiness of the eyelids is singled out as a reason

why they think they look tired. Some people naturally have a low positioned brow to begin with and along with everything else brows sag as we age.

When people complain that their eyelids are baggy, it may have nothing to do with their eyes at all. It may well be

that the brow has dropped and just needs help with the contour of the brow.

For a superior look, rather than producing a solidly defined eyebrow, Jidapha will add numerous fine strokes which look like real hair to bring out your natural beauty.

This procedure is also of tremendous benefit to people who have experienced hair loss as a result of alopecia or cancer treatment.

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