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GUA-SHA FACIAL LIFT-UP by Pro-Nunu "Change by magic fingers"

WHAT IS FACIAL GUA-SHA?   Facial Gua-Sha is a modern and natural healing process facial treatment - which originates from the original Gua-Sha treatment.

Facial Gua-Sha is handled more carefully, because the skin around the face is more sensitive and thinner than the back. After the treatment you will feel soothed and relaxed.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF FACIAL GUA-SHA?   It is a facial skill that can improve the blood circulation on your face and increase cell growth. This helps your facial skin maintain it's YOUTH. Your facial skin will also increase it's absorption - so it absorbs any treatment products applied on your face.


Dark circles decreased - Eye bags/puffiness decreased

Fine lines/wrinkles reduced - Reduced pore size

Face lifted - Skin smoother and firmer

Lighter dark spots - Lighter pigmentation

Uneven tones reduced - Skin condition improved

Promotes blood circulation - Rejuvenates skin to look younger

Facial Gua-Sha will only create a warm feeling (with faster blood circulation) and the person receiving treatment will not experience pain or prolonged redness


Facial Gua-Sha not only helps you look more radiant and youthful - it also helps to improve your health

With facial Gua-Sha you can look: YOUNG - RADIANT  - BEAUTIFUL

Facial Gua-Sha treatments include: Make-up remover / Cleansing / Exfoliation / Facial Steamer / Face Masque

For a 60 min session a Facial Gua-Sha Massage treatment is only £40.00

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